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A-mazing Support

Supporting your favorite campus ministry can feel like navigating a maze. Maybe this page will help you find your way.

What's the most helpful support? Unrestricted giving (i.e., giving that is not tied to a specific project). Unrestricted giving supports the day-to-day work of the Lutheran Campus Ministry at WVU: utilities, insurance, programming, staff compensation, etc.. Without unrestricted giving, we can't execute the basic ministry. There was a time that judicatory support (national and synodical church support) covered over 90% of the total budget of the LCMWVU. What we received from private donors and congregations could buy some extra pizzas or cover a field trip. Now, judicatory support counts for far less than 50% of our basic operating budget. Do you ask: Does my support matter? YES! YES! YES!

We take four major credit cards on-line and also PayPal---you do not need to have a PayPal account. If you would like to make a gift to the general fund, feel free to click the Christmas gift or end of tax year buttons. Some other designated giving options are further down this page. Feel free to call us at 304-680-5388 should you have any questions.

Two Capital Funds

Beyond the basic ministry, we are engaged in two renovation projects. We've called the first "Building on Strength," but a better title would be "Chapel 3.0." The second is the Lutherhaus renovation (second round). Read more below.

Chapel 3.0: bakingKitchen & Bathrooms

Part of a much larger renovation of the Chapel has been the work of the past two summers on the undercroft.

In 2014, we ripped out the old carpeting and layed new flooring. We also took advantage of having all the furniture out of the room, repainting the walls and replacing the ceilings. The undercroft is a much brighter space.

In 2013, we tackled the kitchen and bathrooms---to be clear, we demolitioned the kitchen and restrooms. Not even studs remained after the demolition phase was completed. A total rebuild involving new plumbing and wiring, the integration of salvage from our own facility plus salvage from a house on the other end of town has given us a fantastic kitchen and mission oriented bathrooms.

  • Let's start with the bathrooms. We've added showers to accommodate visiting youth groups and service teams. We've also added the hookup for a washer and dryer; installation of a washer and dryer should encourage students to spend more time in the Undercroft.
  • The kitchen now features a double convection over and induction cook top, augmenting our existing stove. We've more than doubled storage capacity and created additional food preparation and service areas. There is even a dishwasher and garbage disposal.

If you have facebook, check our our pics from the renovation process, click here.

Supporting Chapel Renovation
We are totaling the cost of the project thus far. The electrical work alone cost over $5K. The flooring came in at roughly $2500. Ceiling an paint about $1000. Make an on-line donation to the "Building on Strength Capital Campaign" (we accept major credit cards and PayPal) by clicking the button at left and following the somewhat intuitive instructions. We accept checks at our mailing address. Please talk with Chap. Riegel if you are considering a major gift.

Trish nailing wallLutherhaus Renovation

We discovered, in the process of a minor wall repair, that load bearing elements had been  damaged in an earlier renovation of the bathrooms (we think in the '40s or '50s). Five demolished walls, two replaced beams, one new footer, and two jacked floors later, we are well on the way to a much improved structure.

This work builds upon the major renovation to the water, sewage, and electrical systems in the house that took place in the early 2000s. That renovation allowed us to install three new bathrooms, restore the kitchen to use, and increase occupancy from two to six.

More work needs to be done. Most immediately, the NW bedroom needs to be finished, and, then, attention  needs to be turned to the staircase and the kitchen. Still, we are happy with the progress.

As you can imagine, it comes at a price. Living in the midst of a renovation project is less than pleasant, and there is the raw cost in dollars. We ask that our Lutherhaus alumni/ae, even those who have lived in the old parsonage (a.k.a., "The Center"), and all those who benefited from the "drop-in" ministry of Pr. Hashinger consider making a gift to this fund.

Supporting Lutherhaus Renovation
You can help us cover the expense of these major structural repairs by donating on-line to the "Lutherhaus Capital Fund." We accept major credit cards and PayPal; Just click the button at left and follow the somewhat intuitive instructions. We accept checks at our mailing address. Please talk with Chap. Riegel if you are considering a major gift.

Sidewalk Repair: A Safety & Legal Issue

We knew that our sidewalk was in bad shape. The introduction of heavier trash trucks did a lot of damage (just as it did to our driveway). Last summer we repaved the driveway. This past summer, it was the sidewalk's term. At heart, it was a safety issue, and we had worked for some time trying secure a contractor---not an easy thing to do in Morgantown. A letter from the City Engineer turned our safety concerns into legal concerns as a deadline was given for the project. The work cost $6,375. Add that to the $4,800 for the driveway, and we a significant outlay for exterior projects in the past two years. If you would like to make a designated gift for the sidewalk repair work, click on the donate button immediately below.
Supporting Sidewalk & Driveway Repair
You can help us cover the expense of these big ticket safety repairs by donating on-line to the "Grounds Fund." We accept major credit cards and PayPal; Just click the button at left and follow the somewhat intuitive instructions. We accept checks at our mailing address. Please talk with Chap. Riegel if you are considering a major gift.

                      Letter Annual appeal picNewsletter 2014 in the Mail

Most folks should have received their newsletters before Christmas. If you haven't, we might not have a good current address for you. You can, however, download a full-color PDF here.

What's in the newsletter? On the last page, there is a fascinating story about the trials and transformative power of Tenebrae. You'll also get a sneak peak at the first professional rendering of the chapel expansion under consideration. Inside, there are two stories about our graduates and the vital role some of our campus ministry women had in defending the Earth from alien invaders. Please don't miss reading about the establishment of a Lutheran Benedictine confraternity planned for this coming Lent. That's just a taste of what you'll find, so download it today and feel free to share with a friend, your congregation, and your third cousin twice removed.

We also included in the mailing the maze to amaze and amuse you while you figure out how to support the Lutheran Campus Ministry at WVU. Yep, its an appeal letter, but you will want to get your pencil out and avoid the Minotaur. Download it here.

Planned & Major Gifts

If you would like to talk with us regarding a planned gift (wills, bequests, charitable trust annuities, etc.) or other major gift, please contact us. We have access to specialists and other resources to assist in making your gift do the most good.

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