Old Chapel

Ecclesia Plantanda

(The Church Must Be Planted)

"Ecclesia plantanda"---a cry for mission from the days of colonial America---is still relevant today and even more so on a college campus. Like those colonial immigrants who left behind the established church of Europe, we leave behind the established church of our hometowns, and, like those same colonists, we need to establish our own church here.

The Lutheran Campus Ministry at WVU offers a building, regular worship, instruction in the faith, a full-time ordained chaplain, and more, but for the church to be our church in this time and in this place, we must reestablish it every year.

The Lutheran Student Movement does just that. We strive to spread the word, encourage devotion, and enrich the lives of students in relation to God. To this end, we support and encourage participation in the life of the...

Coming to a Campus Ministry Near You...

The Blessing of the Brains, Lemonade Stand, Intro to the Augusburg Confession, The Backyard Paintbrawl, and much more is on the docket for the start of the term. To discover what's happening at the Lutheran Campus Ministry at WVU,

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