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Prelude to the Fall Term

Move-in Day is Friday, August 16. The Lutheran Campus Chapel will be putting things in order up to the last minute. We've been renovating yet again this summer. In an effort to make sure that we are ready for the term itself, we've suspended some of our prelude activities. You're still welcome to stop by the chapel for a sneak preview. Work crews and the Luther House residents should be around. Official opening is...


First Sunday --- August 16

Hit worship before your classes begin. The Lutheran Campus Chapel offers mass at 7:00 PM on Sunday night and compline (a 15-minute night prayer service) at 9:00 PM. If you prefer mornings, St. Paul Lutheran Church (Evansdale campus) offers mass at 10:00 AM.

If you opt for the morning service at St. Paul, don't make lunch plans. Chap. Riegel traditionally takes any students (grad or undergrad) out to lunch after the morning service.

Regardless of which you attend, you will the opportunity to meet both Chap. Riegel, and Pr. Jerry Kliner (St. Paul Lutheran Church). At both services on August 16.

There will be refreshments between mass and compline in the evening at the Chapel. More importantly, there will be air conditioning!

LemonadeLemonade Stand

Beat the heat with a cool, refreshing glass of lemonade. We've been serving up free lemonade as our "welcome to campus" for, at least, three decades. The lemonade stand will be on the Chapel lawn at the corner of University and Hough (directly across from the Wise Library). Best lemonade in town...2100 patrons can't be wrong!

Altar by
                candlelightDaily Prayer

Every weekday of the first week of classes, we will pray sext (10-minute midday prayer) at 12:00 noon and compline (15-minute night prayer) at 9:45 PM. Whether it is excitement or anxiety that you are experiencing, these brief prayer services provide a spiritual center to the day. After the first week is over, we'll revert to our regular schedule of three prayer offices weekly.

Blessing of the Brains -- Sunday, August 23

Don't wait until exams to start praying! Get your brains blessed now! Sunday, August 23, we offer a rite of blessing for the opening of the academic year, including individual blessings for students, faculty, and staff, as part of our Sunday 7:00 PM mass.

Escape from Morgantown: Mountain Dip

Campus is great but there is a lot of wild and wonderful West Virginia beyond. In the event of a convenient hot afternoon, we'll head off campus for one of the regional swimming holes. Bring your bathing suit for a dip in the cool, refreshing waters of the Appalachians. Not all God's waters are in cement ponds.

Hot Dog Day

We've heard from the men of Fist Lutheran Church, Parkersburg: Hot Dog Day is a go! Monday, August 24, they'll be serving up hot dogs to hungry students as their way of saying, "Welcome to WVU." Stop by in the late morning through early afternoon.

Kenyan CafeDiners' Club

Explore Morgantown eateries with the Diners' Club. There is no agenda other than good food (and good company). Two rules: 1) must be a local establishment (no chains) and 2) Dutch treat. We typically have an outing each month. Our first outing will be in the second week of the term. Details (where and when) will be announced by the second Sunday worship service. Check our the homepage or the facebook page for updates.

Service Opportunity -- Football Parking

Help park cars for the football game and support several local charities in the process. St. Paul Lutheran Church (Evansdale) parks cars for WVU football games, distributing the proceeds to various local groups. The lot is always full well before kick-off (at least 30 minutes but sometimes an hour), so you don't have to miss the game if you have tickets. If you are interested in helping out, contact Chap. Riegel.

PaintballersBackyard Paintbrawl -- Saturday, October 3

Just because WVU football no longer plays Pitt is no reason to kill a good rivalry. We've challenged the Lutheran Campus Ministry serving Pitt, CMU, and Carlow to a day of paintball at the Three Rivers Paintball Park. Our spring paintball outing was ridiculous fun. Weapons and safety gear can be rented at the park. First-timers are welcome. Please RSVP by contacting Chap. Riegel or through the facebook event.

PittPilgrimage to Pitt

Every semester we make a road trip pilgrimage to Pitt for compline at Heinz Chapel with the Pittsburgh Compline Choir. Upperclassmen will attest that this is a singular beautiful worship service not to be missed. We could claim that the timing of this pilgrimage will take place at Oktoberfest is purely coincidental, but, while we are there, might as well enjoy some good German cooking and (for those of age) a culturally appropriate beverage. This pilgrimage will be held on one of the last two Sundays in September. Details will be posted on our homepage and on our facebook page as they become available.

Anything Else?

Well, yes; the list you see here is not exhaustive. Regular worship services, educational offerings, and networking for service and fellowship continue throughout the semester. We also want to note that the Chapel sanctuary is available for private and group devotion or as a quiet refuge. The Chapel undercroft (lower level) features a kitchen, lounge, and library. Assuming kitchen and rest room renovations will be completed for the start of the school year, the undercroft provides a place to study, relax, eat, nap, and play. Both are accessible 24x7.

So, we've given you the highlights for the first half of the semester. To keep up to date on changes and developments as the semester progresses, you can
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If you have any questions about what you see (or don't see) on this page, feel free to contact us. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of just one thing beyond September.

Sneak Preview -- Reformation Daze! 2015

The highpoint of the fall term is Reformation Daze! our eight-day celebration of the Lutheran Reformation. Historical worship services, a visiting scholar lecture, a Luther movie, wargaming Here I Stand: Wars of the Reformation, 1517-1555,  and, of course, The Wurst Dinner on Campus are all part of the festive warm up to the quincentennial of the posting of the 95 Thesis only two years away.

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