As of June 2021, the Board of Directors of the Lutheran Campus Foundation at West Virginia University has begun the search for a new chaplain...


Position Title: Chaplain, Lutheran Campus Ministry at West Virginia University

Reporting to: Board of Directors, Lutheran Campus Foundation at West Virginia University Compensation: Based upon WV-WMD Synod, ELCA, compensation guidelines for clergy (see

Hours: Full-time and variable based upon academic and ecclesiastical calendar

Location: Morgantown, WV



The Chaplain will be the Lutheran presence on the WVU campuses in Morgantown, WV, discharging the ministry of the Word in conformity with the Lutheran Confessions among the academic community (students, faculty, staff, administration, their families, and others temporarily associated with the university) and also discharging those duties associated with the administrative duties supporting said ministry.


Key Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Provide regular and special worship experiences during the fall and spring terms, (i.e., Worship centered around Word and Sacrament, Matins, Compline, etc.), and as appropriate at other times.
  2. Provide Pastoral care, including opportunities for private confession, making referrals to professional counseling services when appropriate.
  3. Reach out to students and others in the academic community who have been referred to the campus ministry by their pastors/congregations and others.
  4. Provide opportunities for spiritual and devotional growth, vocational discernment, awareness and balance in daily life, and formation in ethics, evangelism, and stewardship.
  5. Provide religious/theological educational opportunities both formally and informally (Bible, Church History, Theology, Catechism, Ethics, etc.) with a strong emphasis on the Lutheran perspective of the areas of study.
  6. Teach/Assist/advise/organize participants in LCMWVU for outreach, evangelism, justice and advocacy issues and activities
  7. Identify, teach, and supervise student leaders raised up in the ministry
  8. Identify/Mentor and assist students who are/may be discerning a call to ministry.
  9. Promote and develop the Luther House as a program and means to assist with faith formation and practical skills training to young adults discerning a call to ministry
  10. Assist/advise/organize participants in LCMWVU on fellowship ideas and activities
  11. Develop and find ways to leverage the Chapel’s location and facilities for evangelism and to make the Chapel and fellowship areas supportive of the mission.
  12. Actively engage with WVU faculty, staff, and administration, showing an interest in academics and life within an academic setting.
  13. Be personally and physically visible on campus.
  14. Build a strong outreach relationship/rapport with pastors and congregations in the WV-WMD Synod. (Attend Synod sponsored functions/activities, supply preaching, etc.)
  15. Attend/visit Camp Luther (at the discretion of the Camp Luther Director and Senior Camp Dean) in order to connect with and develop a rapport with High School Students who are considering WVU as a higher education option.
  16. Maintain and further develop a working relationship with St. Paul Lutheran Church in Morgantown
  17. Working with the Board, develop opportunities and ideas for fund raising with follow through regarding actually raising funds
  18. Maintain and further develop a fundraising database and reporting (i.e., alumni, congregations, etc.)
  19. Perform or supervise the performance of volunteers regarding ongoing administrative/office work (i.e., banking, bill paying, data entry of donations and corresponding thank you letters, bulletins/worship related materials, newsletter, record keeping, LCMWVU webpage, Luther House webpage, etc.)
  20. Include technology and social media platforms to reach out to Students, Faculty/ Administration/Staff, Pastors, Congregations, Alumni and Donors.
  21. Maintain and generate all necessary reporting to Board, Synod, ELCA, City, County and State - Monitor building issues and needs as they arise in both chapel, Luther House and grounds (minor maintenance, grass cutting, snow removal, etc.)
  22. Monitor the Luther House
  23. Perform other duties as agreed upon by Chaplain and Board



  1. Must hold a Master of Divinity degree
  2. Must be ordained to Word and Sacrament Ministry and in good standing on the clergy roster of a Lutheran denomination.
  3. Must be physically able to maneuver safely between the 2 levels of the chapel and 4 levels of the Luther House.
  4. Must be able to perform medium work (as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor)


Interested candidates are invited to send a letter of interest and/or their Rostered Minister Profile to the Board of the Lutheran Campus Foundation at WVU as soon as possible via